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Jensen Ackles[8]
Ryan Gosling[12]

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Just adding some LPs to "the archive" lol :) You can see them all on my dA account {here}

comments are just love ^_^  (you must open it in new tab for orig size)

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The Notebook[8]
Ryan Gosling[8]
Rachel McAdams[12]
Gossip Girl cast[4]
Christina Agilera[8]
Ryan Gosling header[1]

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Kyle XY[8]
Sweeney Todd[10]
The Notebook[12]

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Matt Dallas[16]

Haha, today I've got totally obsessed with Ryan Gosling lol xD

Ryan Gosling[20]

Drew Barrymore[16]

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(28)males:Ben Afleck-Brad Pitt-Collin Farrell-Elijah Wood-Gerard Butler-James Lafferty-Matthew McConaughey-Ryan Gosling-Ryan Phillippe-Tom Cruise-Tom Welling

(52)females:=actresses:Ashley Tisdale-Bethany Joy Lenz-Christina Ricci-Jennifer Love Hewitt-Kirsten Dunst-Kristen Bell-Lindsay Lohan-Kate Beckinsale-Katie Holmes-Keira Knightley-Molly Sims-Naomi Watts-Samaire Armstrong=singers:Britney Spears-Fergie(Stacy Ferguson)-Kelly Clarkson-Kylie Minogue-Nelly Furtado-Paris Hilton-Pink

please credit if you take smth :)

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Jensen Ackles :P wub

and wallpaper - CLICK


i'm trying something new :| kyle xy :P

elisha cuthbert

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